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CRPF provide high-tech sticks to women personnel to handle mischief mongers during riots

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In order to discourage the mob and mischief mongers during riots or other law and order situations, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is looking for options like high-tech sticks that will ‘stun’ offenders for their women personnel.

This special Polycarbonate baton will have electrical features that will generate an electric shock that will not be lethal.

CRPF is in a process of framing Qualitative Requirements of Polycarbonate Shield and Lathi for women personnel in collaboration with the Defense Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS).

The document accessed by agencies reads that baton (Lathi) shall be used by women troops during their deployment. It is self-defense equipment for troops during their deployments in riots or riot situations.

It is required to be lightweight and made of good quality material. It should have resistance, be flexible and easy to carry.

Polycarbonate baton is a high-impact, durable and lightweight lathi meant for the use of police, paramilitary, allied forces and other security services.

Polycarbonate shield for women troops has to be lightweight with shock absorption capabilities, good quality material and fire resistant for handling crowds with varying degrees of hostility.

Besides that, it must be able to protect the whole body of women personnel from injuries due to impact, blow from blunt objects, brick batting, Lathi blow, stone pelting, projectile /missile, acid bulbs, Molotov’s cocktails and industrial chemicals thrown at her.

The baton should have operational life of red color LED and should glow for 30 minutes continuously with the recharging facility. The Polycarbonate Lathi for women has some added features by means of its electrical components providing better deterrence against the violent mob.

“The Lathi comes well equipped with features meant to deter and discourage the mob and mischief mongers, with its electrical discharge making a buzzing noise, threatening the approachers around. Also, it contains a charged source (battery) that comes with an in-built charger for easy recharging,” the document reads.

At present, CRPF has six battalions of women personnel that contain more than 6,000 women personnel who are deployed in active duty in Jammu and Kashmir, Ayodhya, Manipur, Assam, LWE area and other parts of the country where they are doing a commendable job.

Out of these six battalions, Rapid Action Force (RAF) has 15 small battalions with 35-40 women in each battalion.

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