Dalit family ostracised, locked in house for daughter’s second marriage


A Dalit family was ostracised, locked in the house and fined Rs 2 lakh by Botunda village panchayat in Todaraisingh area of Tonk for allowing their daughter to get engage with other man under Nata custom.

Nata Pratha is a traditional practice whereby a man or woman can annul their present marriage and can seek new partner by paying a specified amount to their former partner.

Ramswaroop, the father of the girl, took the step to marry off his daughter second time after the old in-laws did not bother to take the bride with them.

The village panchayat had asked the family to pay Rs 2 lakh as fine to the former in-laws of the of girl for breaking the marriage.

The administration has ordered a probe into the matter.