Dead woman back to life at funeral, dies again


In what may sound like a mythical tale, a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun area whom her kin had thought to be dead came back to life during her funeral procession, a report claimed on Friday.

According to a News 18 report, 65-year-old Gomti had passed away on Wednesday. As the news of her death spread far and wide, her relatives and known people assembled to bid her farewell.

However, while her funeral procession was being carried out, the mourners heard her shouting “I’m Alive…I’m Alive”. When they unwrapped the body covers, they found Gomti breathing.

After coming back to life, Gomti drank some water and met her family members.

The family was in for a surprise to see Gomti alive. But, their happiness was short-lived as she died again after one hour.

While the family members were expecting her to open her eyes once again, she laid motionless this time.