Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Dearth of parking space in Mumbai

Our car was towed the other day from Marine Line Station by RTO though we did not find any ‘No parking’ sign in the vicinity. Parking is a major issue in the city these days as hardly any public parking area lot is available though the number of vehicles has shot up to record proportion in the city. The scenario is no different in other metropolitan cities too. Penalizing vehicle owners is justified if reasonable car parking areas is available but it is pure extortion if the cars are towed for parking by the roadside when no parking slots are available for kilometres in sight. It is like penalizing people for meeting natures call by the roadside when public toilets are missing in the area.

Public transport should be improved so that people use their own vehicles only in case of emergency. Just as public toilets are the need of the hour in the city, so are public car parks and the municipal corporation along with the state government should come up with elevated car parking slots or underground parking for the public like they have in developed nations!


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