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Despite years of efforts, depth of this well in Mudhar mountains remains a mystery

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Scientists and archaeological experts have failed to measure the depth of a mysterious well in Jharkhand despite repeated efforts for years.

This well lies in a cave in the auspicious Mudhar Mountains, which is spread across 61 acres of land in Jharkhand.
Thousands of devotees come to these mountains every day to visit the Mudhar Baba temple, which is situated at the highest peak.

The idol of Mudhar baba is also one-of-its-kind. The head of the idol is not attached to the body. Such is the belief of the people that they sacrifice goats here to make their wish come true.
However, more than the temple, it’s this well that has become the center of attraction for tourists and locals owing to its mysterious nature.

It is probably the only well in the world which experts have failed to measure. It is believed that concerted efforts were made a few years ago to measure the depth of this well. Long ropes were used, yet nobody could establish how deep this well was.

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