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‘Girlfriends’ elope after families oppose same sex relationship

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Two minor girls, hailing from Raipur district, eloped with each other fifteen days ago after their parents objected to their close relationship. They were later traced in Jashpur, and have been taken into police custody now.

Police received a missing persons complaint two weeks ago. The report said that a 15-year-old girl was missing. When the police initiated a probe, they found out that even her 17-year-old close friend was missing along with her.

They sprung into action to trace both the girls.

Meanwhile, the girls who were childhood friends had eloped with each other to Jashpur because their family members were not happy with the idea of same sex relationship.

“We were being harassed by our parents when they got to know that we were in a relationship,” the girls told the police. They also said that they wanted to get married to each other and stay together for the rest of their lives.
However, police officials said the girls were in no position to choose their life partners as both are minors, and getting married at this age would be violation of the law.

The girls are in police custody and are being counselled so that they do not take any such step in the future, they said.

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