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Google boy: LKG student Jaitra has mastered world map, Chemistry’s periodic table

A student of LKG in Gwalior Jaitra Sharma has become the second Google boy after Haryana’s Kautilya Pandit.

Just like Kautilya, he possesses a sound knowledge of planets and solar system. Four-year-old Jaitra, also has the names of capitals of all the countries across the world on his fingertips. He identifies the places on the world map in seconds.

Born on September 28, 2009, Jaitra has mastered Chemistry’s periodic table that is usually taught to Class 11 students at a tender age of 4.

In an interview to a newspaper, Jaitra’s mother Shikha said,” We did not know about his talent to grasp things quickly. As he grew up, I learnt of it. His father then started teaching him. His memory is very sharp, he doesn’t forget anything.”

Earlier, Kautilya who hails from Kharhar village in Jhajjar district, came to be known as the Google boy after he learnt by rote information relating to geographical borders, planets in space, mineral resources when he was five years eight month old and studying in Class 1.

During an interview to a TV channel, a question-answer session was conducted with celebrities like Shivani Kashyap asking him questions to check his IQ. Kautilya replied to most of the questions correctly, with minor mistakes.

His father Satish Sharma and grandfather were present, as their son faced a barrage of questions.

Neurologist Dr Kapil Singhal, who was present at the live show, said, Kautilya possessed an IQ of above 150, same as was possessed by famous scientist Albert Einstein. “His analytical powers are very good and made me spellbound”, said Dr Singhal.

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