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Imposter makes woman believe he is her missing son, dupes her of Rs. 1 lakh

A woman in Dhanbad was duped of Rs. 1 lakh by an imposter who made her believe that he was her missing son and stayed in her house of over 10 months.

Layasa Devi’s son Sanjay Pasi left the house 15 years ago, but never returned. She had been waiting for him but to no gain.

10 months ago, she had gone to Allahabad’s Phulpur village where she met a saint Sagru whose face resembled with that of her son. She narrated the entire story to him.

He broke down and told her he was his son. She believed him and he started vising her quite often. In the name of organising bhandaras and pujas, he duped her of Rs. 1 lakh.

On Monday, on suspicion, the woman picked up a call on his phone when he was away and claimed that he was his wife. The girl on the line panicked and said that she was Sagru’s real wife.

That’s when the woman realised that the imposter was trying to fool her as he has posed as a saint who is a holy man and who is not married.

On being confronted, he tried to run away but was caught with the help of other villagers.

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