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In ‘Om Banna’s Bullet Mandir’, devotees worship a mysterious bike, offer liquor

A bike is worshipped by devotees in a temple called ‘Om Banna’s Bullet Baba Mandir’ near Pali district in Jodhpur, that is named after a boy called Om Singh Rathore. The motorcycle is a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet.

Anybody who crosses the temple should stop by and worship and offer ‘prasad’, otherwise its believed the person will meet with an accident and die. People offer flowers, incense sticks, camphor and even liquor bottles.

For the past twenty years, the temple is being maintained by a girl called Poonam, who is now considered to be Bullet Mandir’s priest.

The mystery of Om Singh Rathore dates back to 1991. He was driving his bullet and died in a road accident. The police took the bike with them. The next day, they again found the bike at the same spot where Om had died.

Police would take the bike, but the next morning they would find the bike at the accident spot. The news spread far and wide and people started believing that it was Om’s spirit who was behind the mischief.

As their blind faith grew, they gathered and started worshipping the bike.

In no time, a temple was built in Om’s name, which now is famously known as Om Banna’s Bullet Baba Mandir. The temple was constructed at the same place where he had died. The bike and Om’s photo were placed inside and ever since, devotees, particularly bike riders bow their heads in honor of temple and leave an offering whenever they pass by it.

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