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Kiran Bedi writes an open letter, says ‘I relieved my parents were not alive to see this’

BJP leader Kiran Bedi, who suffered defeat at the hands of the Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi elections, has shared her thoughts about the election campaign in a blog titled “An open letter to fellow Indians.”

While she thanked everyone for supporting her candidature in the campaign, she appeared distraught at the criticism she received.

“All who called me with foulest possible names, I am relieved my parents were not alive to see this,” Bedi wrote in her blog.

Bedi, who was locked in a bitter personality contest with AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal during the election campaign, lost out from the BJP stronghold seat of Krishna Nagar in east Delhi. Her party itself slid from 32 seats in 2013 to a mere 3 seats this time.

During the start of the campaign, the Aam Aadmi Party had portrayed Bedi as ‘opportunistic’ using her posters alongside Kejriwal on auto-rickshaws. This in turn led Bedi to file complaints against AAP on charges of defaming her. However, after the elections, Kejriwal has openly said that he admired Bedi and even invited her to his oath-taking ceremony.

Bedi, who was para-trooped as the BJP’s chief ministerial nominee days ahead of the high-stakes election, clarified in the blog post that she did not contest the elections for power or position.

“I opted for electoral politics not for position or power, but for serving the city which is home to me for the last over 40 years. A city which I have served in various capacities, through thick and thin,” she wrote.

She claimed full responsibility for the defeat as well.

“I have failed the test and I take full responsibility for my decision,” she wrote.

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