Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Madhusudan Mistry arrested for pulling down Modi’s posters in Vadodara

Congress candidate from Vadodara, Madhusudan Mistry, was arrested by the police on Thursday for wilfully pulling down campaign posters of his heavyweight opponent Narendra Modi.

Mistry, who is one of Congress’ ace strategists, climbed up an electric poll, in presence of his supporters, to pull down Modi’s posters, following which the police detained him and other Congress workers.
Justifying his act, Mistry said, “The whole state machinery is working for the Chief Minister.” The Congress candidate alleged that his workers were not being allocated space to display campaign material.

Another Congress leader said Modi’s posters were removed because his supporters have not left any space for other parties campaign posters.

He added that the BJP has plastered every available space with Modi’s posters as they fear loss. He also said that the decision to field Modi from two places – the other being Varanasi – displays their fear of loss.

Gujarat BJP spokesperson Jay Narayan Vyas attacked the Congress for their act. “Is it the duty of BJP to make space for Congress posters? They want space for posters as they know that they don’t have any space in people’s hearts for them.”

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