Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Make the best use of your first ten years of service, says PM Modi to young IAS officers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday has advised the young IAS officers to make the best use of their first ten years of service, when they would be working in the field, and asked them to create an opportunity to contribute the most for the good of the people.

While having an interactive session with the young IAS officers of 2013 batch on Thursday, PM said it’s very often that your new ideas and vision may meet resistance from the older generation, but the key is to integrate people by working hard and taking people along.

“Tensions and struggles don’t bring change. It is about how many people to integrate. You are the people going to manage several districts across India. The positive change you bring will be beneficial for the nation,” he said.

In a statement issued by the Union Home Ministry, these officers have completed a three-month stint with the government, as Assistant Secretaries. “This is the first ever batch of IAS Officers to commence their career with a stint in the Central government,” it reads.

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