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Security guard hit by businessman’s luxury vehicle dies in Kerala

The 50-year-old security guard who was seriously injured after a businessman allegedly rammed his luxury vehicle into him in a fit of rage last month, died in a nearby private hospital on Monday.

Doctors attending on Chandarabose (50) said his heart had not been functioning properly following the impact of the internal injuries.

His heart ceased functioning at 13:40 hours and he was declared dead, doctors said. Businessman Muhammad Nizam, arrested in connection with the incident, is presently in police custody.

Nizam allegedly roughed up the security guard and then dragged him to the wall of the parking lot and ran his Hummer vehicle into his body for delay in opening the gate of the apartment complex.

Police had earlier booked Nizam for posting photographs of his seven-year-old son driving a Ferrari on the social media.

The businessman, who owns a tobacco company, has faced 10 police cases, and most of them were reportedly settled out of court, police said.

In 2013, Nisham ran into trouble with the police for allowing his nine-year-old son to drive his Ferrari in their neighbourhood. The video was uploaded on YouTube, and created a huge controversy. He is also accused of allegedly locking up a woman constable in his car.

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