Stitch in time would have saved nine


The BMC has suspended two executive and initiated a departmental probe against four sub-engineers for their poor supervision as the shoddy work of the contractors continue to give road users horrible time for the monsoon hit Mumbaikars. The poor quality of repair work undertaken by the contractors ought to have been supervised properly and made good their lapses by regular follow up and taking remedial measures for addressing the problems then and there itself instead of dragging the matter so long. The police report on the repair work is not satisfactory and notices must be issued to contractors for taking corrective measures before the situation goes out of control. Tax payers tax money is going waste and citizens have to travel on potholed roads during rainy season. Thus the life of the motorists is pathetic and there is high risk of ending up in fatal accidents of the killer roads in Mumbai. Both potholes and craters pose greater risk as the water logging in these spots pose serious risks to the life of Mumbaikars. Instead of performing patch up work, a regular follow up and constructive way of relaying these roads would have given them a long lease of life. Just fixing used titles for patch up work add to the miseries.  It is now or never situation.

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