Friday, June 18, 2021
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Survival of the fittest

It was unfortunate that a waveyard throw from Bhuvaneshwar Kumar hit umpire Paul Reiffel on the head and he will not officiate for the remainder of the Mumbai Test after suffering concussion because of a blow to the back as in the case of Phil Hughes case. Reiffel was helped off the field by England’s medical staff and went to hospital where tests cleared him of serious injury, but he was advised to rest. Marais Erasmus, who was the third umpire, will continue in the on-field role for the rest of the match. Just like players, even the umpires should wear helmet and other protective guards to save them from injury. For example, the straight drive is a dangerous shot as the main umpire will have very less reaction time to keep away from the ball hit with force. Similarly, the pull shot will keep the square leg umpire on guard.  It is better to wear all the gadgets rather than getting injured fatally.

Nickil Akhilesh Krishnan

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