Friday, June 25, 2021
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Tanker mafia in the city

Tanker nexus continue to prosper in the city as Mumbai is reeling under water scarcity. Once upon a time Chennai faced similar problem as we could see tanker running here and there and causing nuisance and at times causing accidents as well. Mumbai is slowly falling into the trap. The quality of water is also not good and not for drinking purpose in any way. Make hay when the sun shines is true for tanker business as they reap big business all the way. With summer is much enervating and water woes continue to worry Mumbaikars.  There is no alternative as we have no provisions for rain water harvesting and the borewell water is somewhat blackish in colour. All this made the water woes continue and the city suffers due to shortage of water. It is time we all pray for early arrival of monsoon to stop the tanker monopoly. The shortfall in supply could not be provided by BMC and the tanker agencies have a field day and making it a big business in the busy city with most commercial activities. It is time to take remedial measures.

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