Uber given 7 days to furnish details for licence


US-based radio taxi service Uber has been given a seven-day final ultimatum by Delhi government to remove deficiencies in its application for running cabs in national capital, failing which its plea will be rejected.

Uber, which was banned two and half months ago after one of its drivers allegedly raped a woman, had applied for licence on January 22 to operate app-based taxi booking service through its subsidiary Resource Expert India Pvt Ltd.

The government however had issued a ‘deficiency memo’ on January 24 asking it to furnish all details before it as mentioned in recently introduced ‘Modified Radio Taxi Scheme (2006),’ an official said.

The scheme was finalised on January 1 following the outrage over rape of the woman on December 5 last allegedly inside the Uber cab.

App-based taxi operator ‘Taxi For Sure’ and another operator had also applied for licences and similar ‘deficiency memo’ were served to them as well.

“We have issued them a deficiency memo on January 24 and a reminder was also sent in this regard on February 11. Since no reply was received on any of the two communications, we have given them a final opportunity to furnish the details within seven days,” said a senior transport department official.

Sources said that the three app-based taxi providers in their applications did not provide full details for procuring a licence according to laid down rules.

“In Uber’s application, certificate/undertaking for parking of radio taxis was not provided. They also did not mention telephone number, e-mail address and address proof of their registered office in Delhi. Besides, call centre management details were also not provided in the application,” a top source said.

The sources also said that in the application of Taxi For Sure, details of drivers and undertaking of induction schedule were not provided.

“Certificate/undertaking for parking of radio taxis was not provided in Taxi For Sure’s applications. Call centre arrangement details and print out of web portal were also not provided,” the source added.