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Visiting Boma mountains? Beware, a fine of Rs. 500 awaits you!

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Whether tourists or locals, no one is allowed to visit Boma mountains and anyone found flouting the rules is imposed with a fine of Rs 500.

Interestingly, the rules have been laid down not by the local administration, but by the Nelguda villagers.
These mountains that lie near Indravati river, approximately 26 kilometres away from Dantewada district headquarters, is pious and divine for the Nelguda villagers.

Locals here consider Boma mountains to be mother earth’s breasts and hence, believe that if anyone steps on it, it will be disrespectful towards goddess.

Their beliefs is based on the shape of the peak of Boma mountains. It resembles the shape of breasts and hence, people consider it to be mother earth’s breasts. It is pure and divine for them, and anyone found stepping on it is considered to be committing a sin.

“Because there is a ban on visiting these mountains for years, various kinds of herbs are found here, but they remain untouched. Many hunters and other villagers who climbed Boma in search of wood have been fined for the offence,” said Maniram Yadav, a Nelguda villager.

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